Lake Miltona - Relaxing Lake Vacations In Alexandria Minnesota

pic-activitiesAt Woodland Resort, our setting and activities are geared toward finding each other again.

Woodland is a welcome return to an earlier time, when a flip from dad's shoulders was better than a giant waterslide; when sand beaches provided ample play for vivid imaginations; when the only bright light in the evening was the welcome glow of an amazing sunset.

Take a paddle on the lake in one of our two Kayaks! These, along with a new Swim Raft and new Paddle Boat, are all available for you to enjoy--free for our guests!

Of course we have lots of other activities like a sandy beach, boat and pontoon rentals, playground and sandbox, horseshoes, tetherball and volleyball. However, it is a setting with a special magic that goes beyond our tangible activities. It's an environment that entices you to relax, reflect, renew and cozy up with those you love.

The result: a resort that brings you closer to everything, especially each other. pic-activities2