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  • Great Week Despite the Rain!

    Well we made it through the rainy week with everyone being able to get the rest they needed on vacation, fantastic fishing, and some beach time on Sunday, Monday and Friday!  There were many board and card games had and even a 1000 piece puzzle put together.  Owen won the kids fishing contest with a nice bass - congratulations Owen!  The forecast for next week looks fantastic and we look forward to welcoming back some more familiar faces to the Lake!
  • Visiting Miltona from long distances this week.

    We have guests that visit Miltona from all over the U.S. and even the world each year.  This week brings us groups from 8 different states, including California, the D.C. area, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, Illinois and of course Minnesota. 

    It is wonderful to meet folks from such diverse areas and watch them enjoy all that the Miltona area has to offer! People are always struck by the beauty of Lake Miltona and peacefulness at Woodland!  We are so blessed to be able to live here and welcome so many great people to our little heaven! 

  • New Stand ON Paddleboard for the Lake!

    We have a new "stand on" paddleboard for the lake this season.  We had a guest bring one up last year and were amazed at this new phenomenon!  It is similar to a surf board although you stand on it and paddle.  Great for the lake and I am told a fantastic excercise for your core!  Here are a couple of pictures of Crystal testing it out.  Lauren loves it too.  Hope you get to try it on your next visit to Woodland!


    Crystal on Paddle Board

  • The Dau, Huisman and Koedam Families First Time Fishing on Miltona!

    Well it is hard to believe that this was the first night this group of families headed out on Lake Miltona - WOW!  Many nice sized walleyes which they were able to enjoy eating on Monday!  The fishing has been fantastic this week! 


    dau walleye

  • Michelle's First Fish of the Season

    Michelle was excited to catch this nice largemouth bass on Sunday night!  We caught many large sunnies and bass with the kids when we snuck out briefly Sunday afternoon!


    Michelle's Bass June 2011

  • Sunset Picture After a Busy Saturday for Us!

    Had to post this great sunset picture from last night!!


    Miltona-20110604-00175 (2)



  • Baby Mallards Born at Woodland!

    We never thought that a Mallard hen would make her nest 30 feet up in a basswood tree!  However earlier this spring when we were rebuilding the fish cleaning shack we noticed several times a mallard hen flying into the hole in one of the trees by Cabin 3.  We also never thought baby chicks could survive a fall from 30 feet, however on Memorial Day we watched Mama duck call all 11 of her chicks down from the tree. 


     One by one they took a leap that we thought they could not survive.  They bounced, laid motionless, got up and joined mama duck and their siblings until the entire family marched to the lakeshore and swam away.  It was so cool to watch.  Here are a few pictures.  Proof that wood ducks are not the only one to build their nests in trees around here!


    Ducks waiting for siblings to jump


    Ducks headed to the lake



  • Fantastic Article About a Local Fishing Guide and Great Friend!

    Take a look at this article printed in the Pioneer Press! 

    Ben is one of our local fishing guides and highly recommending by many of our guests!


    Click HERE to view the article


    This fish was caught while out with Ben! 



     TJ's fish 2009


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  • Stormy Afternoon in Douglas and Ottertail Counties

    We started to hear some weather updates on Wednesday.  They alerted us to the possibility of strong thunderstorms and possibly even a tornado beginning mid day on Thursday.  Boy were they right!

    By 2:30, the clouds were very threatening. The boats all were back to the docks and secured.  By 3:00 the Severe Thunderstorm Warning had been updated to a Tornado Warning. We had many guests seek cover in the designated storm shelter.  The power was lost and several guests reported seeing a tornado racing to the Northeast several miles west of the resort!  Although we had very little lasting effects from the storm at Woodland, there were many folks in the area and north to Wadena that were hit hard. 

    You can see video of the storm taken by the KSAX camera crew at Carlos corners (just 5 miles south of Woodland) at thier web site


    Storm pic June 17 2010

  • Fishing Report for June 3rd

    Fishing remained decent,  with the recent unseasonably warm temperatures. Some walleye are moving to the flats after dark. Overall, fishing during low light periods has been best. For the most fish, use a jig and minnow combination, or try lindy rigging with a minnow, crawler, or leech in 9-18 feet of water on the points and at the inside corners. If all else fails, long-line trolling with a shallow diving crank bait is usually a dependable option.

    The sunfish and bass should be plentiful in the shallows now, providing lots of action!  Water temperatures range from 64- to 69-degrees depending on the side of the lake. Rising water temperatures and stable weather might prove to be the key to a decent muskie bite in the coming weeks.

  • Lots of Big fish!

    The Schwaegerl family visits Woodland Resort each year, at this time.  They get better and better at Walleye fishing on Lake Miltona!

    This year they have done great!  They added a new twist this year... they wanted to catch a Musky.  Well, as you can see on our photo gallery, they managed to land a 48" Musky on Sunday!  It was a beautiful fish, they took several photos and released her to fight again another day.Cool

    The big Musky will certainly be a great memory!  However, they enjoyed great success the rest of the week, as well!  By the end of the week, they had caught SIX Walleye over 22", with the biggest three measuring over 26"!  Much of thier success was had fishing the northern humps and drop offs.


  • Dock Fishin' for Musky

    This morning was exciting on the dock at Woodland!  Ron hooked into a Lake Miltona Musky, while casting a crank bait off the end of the dock.  He told the story like a true fisherman, saying musky exploded on the surface running crank and the battle began.  Once he got the big fish close to the dock, the musky started to wrap the line around the dock posts.  Luckily for Ron, one of the guests from another cabin was enjoying the battle from the deck of his cabin.  Lee watched as Ron battled the Musky, and came running to the dock, when he saw that Ron needed some help!  Lee was able to net the big fish. Ron was able to say that he caught a big Miltona Musky, albeit, with a little help from a neighbor!
  • A Big Crowd to talk fishing with Guides

    Each Sunday  night, when available, we have one or two of the guides spend some time talking fishing with our guests.  It is a great opportunity for our guests at Woodland Resort to learn a little about the current tactics being used on Lake Miltona. 

    This Sunday we had a great turnout!  We had 16 or 18 fishermen and women that stopped in to visit with Drake of H&H Guides. The topics ranged from Musky advice to walleye location and presentation to Sunfish and Bass spots. 

    When you are staying at Woodland, be sure to ask if the guides will be available to talk fishing during your stay!  I am sure you will pick up a few new tactics to try on Lake Miltona!


  • Stoysich Family at Woodland

    The Stoysich Family from Omaha, NE are with us this week.  Mrs. Stoysich told me this is thier 10th year staying at Woodland, on Lake Miltona. All of the kids have been enjoying the lake!  Lots of swimming, kayaking and generally fooling around at the beach.  The kids have spent hours fishing at the end of the dock, with some great success. There have been many days in the past several years that the fish the kids have caught off the dock have compared to the stringers the die hard fishermen have brought back after a day on the water.  There is nothing better than seeing a youngster sitting on the end of the dock catching sunnies all morning!

    Some of the adults spent an evening with one of the guides, and had some great success a few nights ago. A 28" walleye and 36" Northern were the highlights, along with many nice 16-18" walleye.  There is proof that the walleye will still bite during a Mayfly hatch!


  • May Flies

    We knew it would happen sooner or later!  The May Flies are here on Lake Miltona.  The good news is that it is a scientific fact that May Flies are a sign of a heathly Lake with good water clarity.  If the water is not clean, the May Flies will not be found.  Well, no worries for Lake Miltona, we found a few billion last night! 

    It was quite a sight to see them emerging from the water and gathering in the air about 15-20 feet above the water.  The Sunfish were surfacing to feed on the flies by the hundreds.  I imagine the walleye underwater enjoying the feast as well.

    No doubt the walleye will not be quite as interested in the lures our guests will be offering in the coming days, but we have learned in the past few weeks that the walleye fishery on Miltona is world class!  I am sure our guests and the guides will continue to bring in the walleye, we all just need to work a little harder to make it happen now!

  • Fishing continues to be great!

    The fishing on Miltona continued to be good last week.  Despite several days of unusually cold weather, our guests had quite a bit of success with the Walleye, Bass and Pan fish. The highlights for the week were 26.5 " and 21" walleye caught by Matt with the Stone Family.  Many walleye were caught in the 14 to 18" range.

    As the weather improved toward the end of the week, so did the fishing.  The Bass and Sunfish are all slowly moving back into the shallows, and the walleye are more than cooperative on most humps and breaks.

    This morning we noticed the first May Fly Hatch of the year has begun.  Hopefully it does not affect the fishiing too much!


  • More Walleye fishing!

    The Walleye foshing has continued to be excellent this spring!  One of our Chicago groups up this week spent a half day on Lake Miltona with Ben from H&H.  They have been staying at Woodland and fishing Miltona for 4 years, however, this year decided to focus on walleye, rather than the Bass fishing they have had great success with in the past. 

    Ben gave them a few pointers and areas to find the walleye and they came home with a nice stringer of fish, up to 18 inches.  They have been able to head out on the lake and continue thier success. A great way to learn a few tips and techniques is to spend a day with a guide!  Lake Miltona is a very diverse and healthy fishery.  Fishing with a guide can help you learn the lake, find more fish and ultimately have a more enjoyable experience!  Let me know if you want to get in touch with one of the area guides to fish walleye, bass or musky!