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  • Good Times!

    Both Afton and Parker found the fish this week!  Afton won the kids fishing contest on Wednesday with this 18" Bass and Parker picked up two walleye and some keeper sunnies Thursday night while out fishing with his Dad, Grandpa and Uncle!  Great job guys!


    Fishing Contest and Parkers fish july 2011 004


    Parkers Fish for blog

  • WOW - 42 Walleye!

    Judy, her son Aaron and daughter Emily, headed out last night with Ben Hittle of Ben's guide service!  They boated 42 walleye, of course threw many back into the lake.  These are their keepers!!


    Judy McCabe 2011



  • ANOTHER Fishing Update!

    Another GREAT night of fishing!  Here is a picture I was able to capture of Luke and Grandpa after they got into the sunnies first and later during the low light bite - some nice walleye! 


    Grandpa and Luke July 12 2011 1

  • Great Night of Fishing

    Tom and Steve headed out last night and had a great night fishing Walleye! This was after a storm system came through on Sunday night and the weather cooled down a bit. Nice! Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to Tom and Kay!

    Engebretson Walleye July 11

  • The Boys Big Day on the Lake

    The boys found a fantastic fishing hole today and successfully hooked just about every species in the lake!  Here is a sampling on the board with the boys all smiles.  Many more were saved for the big fish fry they are promising all of us.  I think they will come through for us to enjoy a great dinner!  Good job Luke, Afton and Sam!


    The Boys Big Catches




  • Tomato Picking

    Lauren has been picking tomatoes from our plant for guests throughout each week!

    You can always pick your own as well - the tomatoes are plentiful and delicious!



  • New Playground Installed Today!


    The new playground set was installed today!  See pictures below - we hope the kids and adults will enjoy this new addition!

    We are trimming trees today too!








  • New Playground Installed Today!


    The new playground set was installed today!  See pictures below - we hope the kids and adults will enjoy this new addition!

    We are trimming trees today too!



    playground    playground2


    playground3   playground6

  • Miltona Musky

    Nice Musky found by Bill & Gail Brandt!  They saw many musky yesterday as they discovered Lake Miltona!


    Bill and Gail Brandt Miltona Musky 07-19-10_1039[1]



  • Storm On July 14th

    We had a quick although strong storm blow through on Wednesday morning, July 14th!  The resort lost 4 1/2 trees and we had damage to the fence, playground equipment, an electrical line and unfortunately a guests car.  Thank goodness no one was hurt.  We were also lucky there was not structural damage to the cabins.  We are still assessing hail damage . . .we are so blessed to have such fantastic staff, friends and guests who helped us through the clean up process!  A few pictures are below and many more posted on our facebook page!




     storm 2

    storm 3

  • O'Neill Groups Night on the Lake with Ben

    Tim, Pat and Jim headed out tonight to find the walleye with Ben . . .just when they were ready to "call it a night" Ben convinced them to stay out as he knew when the fish would feed!  Here is a picture of some of the walleye they cleaned :)


    The O'Neil Men with their Walleye



  • Fantastic Week At Woodland

    It has been a fantastic holiday week so far at Woodland!  The weather has been outstanding.  Fireworks on Sunday by our surrounding lake home owners were fantastic and the fishing opportunities are plentiful.  The Glebe's got into a producing hole on the lake bringing in 80 panfish keepers (they are a group of 10) although caught well over 100 in an afternoon.  Walleye bite has been good in early morning and dusk hours.


    Our kids fishing contest was yesterday and Aiden won with a 16" bass.  Peter and Ana had strong entries too and they caught theirs off the canoe right out front of the resort.


    Aiden's big catch


    Peter and Ana got these off the canoe

  • 28 1/2 incher and more!

    This week definitely has set a new bar for walleye fishing! 

    A great week of fishing was capped off last night with an informal fishing contest between our groups staying at Woodland. Five groups went out and each boat experienced lots of success.  There were several highlights, including Steve's 25" fish, Kelly's 24" and several other 20" plus fish.  However, without question, the biggest fish was caught by T.J. (who happens to be a baseball player for the Creighton Blue Jays, in Omaha, NE). His walleye was a beautiful 28 1/2" fish, caught of course with the help of Ben from H&H Guides!  Most of these fish can be viewed in our photo gallery on the website.  Take a peak!

    The end of a great week of fishing that saw 20+ walleye over 20", and if that wasn't enough, there were great numbers of eater sized 14 to 18" walleye, as well.  Katherine caught a 18 1/2" Small Mouth, Susan caught a 20 1/2" Large Mouth Bass, Jordan won the kids fishing contest with a 18" Bass and Nicolas came in a close second with a 16" bass!

    I don't want to forget to mention the 30" musky caught off the dock by Mike Holms!

    It is a testament to the quality fishery in Lake Miltona!. We hope to see everyone again next year!

  • More walleye fishing with "Big Ben"

    The walleye fishing has continued to be excellent this week!  The water temperatures have been stuck right around 70 degrees all summer. While it doesn't make great swimming weather, it definitely has been great for the walleye fishing.

    Ben Hittle of H&H Guides has been spending a few evenings this week taking our guests out for walleye trips.  He has been on top of the fish all week.  Several fish in the 20-27" range have been caught!  Each evening, his groups have been coming in with as many walleye as they wanted to keep! 

    Our other guests have been doing pretty well, also.  The methods really have not changed all summer. A Lindy rig with a 6' leader, and a #6 hook with a jumbo leech.  Move 1/2 mile per hour or so.

    The walleye become active about 1 hour or so before sunset, then about 1/2 hour after sunset, the fish cleaning shack light comes on and stays on for about an hour, while the fishermen and women pose for pictures and clean their catch!

  • Lots of fun at the Lake this week!

    What fun our guests have been having this week at the lake! 

    Earlier in the week, everyone tie-dyed thier own Woodland Resort T-shirts. It was lots of fun to see how each one turned out so unique!  No matter how they were made, they all turned out so neat. Last night Pam organized a dance party, oh boy was it a hit!  It was wonderful to watch as the little kids danced around, the parents acted a little shy and the grandparents tried to keep up with the little ones!  How fun to watch as grandpas and grandmas danced the hokey pokey with thier little grand kids.  It reminds us that "simple fun" can be the "best fun"! It certainly provides the best memories!  We enjoyed the week with the McCabes, Everetts, Louks, McSherrys, Kepfords, Ceynars and Knezeviches! 

  • Walleye, walleye, walleye

    Steve has been spending a little more time fishing, these past few weeks and the walleye have been very cooperative!  Last night, he went out fishing with Chuck and his son Sam, our friends who stay with us each year from northern Iowa.  They managed to find the walleye, just to the north west of the resort, in about 18-20 feet of water.  Sam caught his first walleye and Chuck caught more than a few, as well!  By the end of the night, they had caught well over a dozen fish, and had 6 walleye in the live well to take home.  The trick all summer has been a plain lindy rig with a jumbo leech, moving real slow!  

  • Nice beginning, Cold ending

    This week has been a typically week, so far this summer.  We have had some wonderful weather, with sun during the day and cool at night, making it very comfortable.  We have had cold, windy and rainy weather, as well, making it a little difficult to enjoy the lake! 

    It seems like this has been the story so far all summer - we have a few nice days followed by a cold front, ushering in the cool temperatures and windy days, over and over again. 

    On a positive note, however, it has been great weather to cozy up under the comforter at night and listen to the waves lap on shore!  Our kids have been making s'mores so often, I am afraid they are going to start looking like Marshmallows! It sure is nice to sit by the fire and look at the starts at night, though! 

    I heard someone say, the other day,"There is no such thing as bad weather, when you are at the lake... just bad dressing." In other words, if its cool, throw on that sweatshirt!  Your on vacation, after all!

  • The end to a wonderful week!

    What a great week we had, last week!  The weather cooperated, providing, arguably the nicest weather of the summer.  The fish cooperated, providing our guests with some nice walleye, a few run-ins with Muskie, some Pike, and of course plenty of panfish and bass.

    We will miss one of our long time groups, though!  The Brodricks, from Colorado have stayed with us for the past 5 years and had spent lots of time talking, and then looking, for thier "retirement place of the lake".  They found it, and now we will go from having them as guests to having them as neigbors.  They are not the only ones in the 6 years we have been at Woodland Resort.  The Rivers family and the Kelly's have also fallen in love with the area while staying with us, and now make The Alexandria Lakes Area home.  I think it says a lot about our area!

    We will miss you at the resort, over the 4th of July, Terri and Bob, however, we will be happy to have you in the area! 

  • Ken and Deb have some success

    Ken and Deb had some success yesterday on the lake!  Ken managed to land a 23" walleye and they also found a few nice bass.  The bass were found in the south bay near the lilly pads and the walleye was caught on the sunken island near in the south bay.

    Take a look at our photo gallery to see a picture!  Way to go Guys!

  • Scott's Miltona Musky

    tessmer fish

    This Morning Mona and her brother Scott got out on the lake

    early to spend a few hours together.  Scott lives in the Twin

    Cities and Mona lives in the Denver area, so as you can imagine,

    the two don't get to spend much time fishing together. 

    However, they will surely remember the fishing trip from

    this morning!  They started off catching a few walleye and then

    turned their attention toward finding a Musky. 


    Throwing a big crank bait, Scott managed to entice this

    beautiful 42" fish!Surprised! They took some great photos and let her

    go!  Congratulations to them!  I am sure they will remember

    their morning on Lake Miltona for quite some time!


  • Family Reunions

    This week, we have several "family reunion" groups staying at Woodland.  The weather has been wonderful, allowing lots of outdoor activities, like campfires, picnics, horseshoes and volleyball, as well as, plenty of time on the lake and in the water! 

    This week we have families from Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado, Nebraska, California, South Dakota, Virginia and Texas, all staying at Woodland, and enjoying beautiful Lake Miltona!

    We enjoy seeing the three and four generation families get together and enjoy each other!

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  • Tubing!

    The last few days have been beautiful on Lake Miltona!

    We were able to get out a few nights ago and spend some time pulling the kids around on the tubes.  It has been great weather with plenty of sun. The water has warmed up nicely and has been quite inviting!

    I am looking forward to spending a little more time on the lake in the coming weeks!  Now I just need to convince the boss!Surprised

  • Big Bluegill found!

    The weather has settled down and the last half of this week has been beautiful!  The Exsteds have found the big "Bull" Bluegill off of Reinharts Point, to the north of Woodland, on Lake Miltona.  This afternoon, they came back with 32 of the biggest Bluegill they had seen!  Sounded like they had a blast! 
  • Michelle's Biggest Miltona Walleye!

    Our friend Ben Hittle of H&H Guides stopped by last night to visit, in between guide trips.  With the stable weather, the walleye fishing has been picking up quite nicely.  Ben, as is typical, has been staying on top of things out there on Lake Miltona!  He clued us in to a few secrets (like the walleye have been active in 18-21 feet of water, with lindy's and leeches, moving slow!) Wink

    So Michelle, Luke (our 4 year old) and I spent a few hours on the lake tonight, with some pretty good success!

    We managed to catch 5 nice walleye, including a nice 14"er for Luke, a few 15" fish, as well as a great double!  I hooked into what I thought was a nice fish, and told Michelle she could net it for me, just as she said, "I think I have one too!"  She was able to net my 19" Walleye, in time to reel and set the hook on her fish. The drag sang and she whooped and hollered!  As the fish came up to the boat, I got a glance, just as it dove again. It was a beauty!  She pulled it up close again, and she guided her 24" walleye right into the net.  Her biggest walleye ever!  Take a look at our photo gallery to see her smile, while she was holding the big fish. (It actually took three tries before she could hold it long enough to snap a few photos! I was more impressed that she actually held the fish, than I was that she caught it!)

  • Windy!


    I don't think I can remember a time that the wind blew this hard for three days straight!  The wind has been blowing at 35 Miles per hour without letting up, even in the evening.  It has kept boats off the lake.  The kids have enjoyed playing in the waves at the beach and there have still been some cooperative sunfish and bluegills being caught from the dock. However, everyone is looking forward to a much more settled weather pattern, which is predicted for the last 1/2 of the week.