Alexandria Resort on Lake Miltona - Woodland Resort Vacations MN

  • "Stay and Give" Weekend May 20-22!

    Please join us the weekend of May 20-22nd

    and enjoy spring at the lake while supporting a very worthy cause! 


     "Best Buddies" is a nonprofit organization created in 1989 dedicated to creating one-on-one friendships,

     integrated employment opportunities and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental

     disabilities.  "Best Buddies" is active in all 50 states and in over 50 countries throughout the world. 

    We are excited to donate 50% of our revenue from the weekend directly to the

     "Best Buddies Iowa" office. 

     Stay for two nights and the rental for one night of your stay will all go to "Best Buddies"!


    Visit their web site at to learn more about "Best Buddies".

    We think you will agree that they are making a tremendous impact to people with intellectual

     and developmental disabilities.  And then... give us a call at (877)669-6637 and reserve your stay!


     Help us donate and enjoy a weekend at the lake! 

    Oh, by the way, the fishing should be fantastic!Wink


    We expect it will be a busy weekend - so book your stay soon!

  • Gotta Love April Fishing Reports

    We truly enjoy being able to post an April Fishing Report.  There was still ice on the lake last year at this time!


    Over this past weekend there were better reports of crappies and sunfish moving into the shallows.  Many people are using bobbers to catch the fish. The best bait has been flu-flus, Tube jigs or plain hook tip with minnows. The best colors have ranged but overall the best colors have been black, chart or red with white. Water temperatures are rising during the day with the great weather and falling slightly with cold nights. The next few weeks should be great fishing for crappies and sunfish before the walleye opener! Goodluck to all those heading out!

  • The Docks Go In!

    The docks went in this past weekend, the earliest we have put them in throughout our 7 years here at Woodland Resort!  We are so excited for our 7th season here!  Of course, we have lots of Spring projects on our "to do" list and will get through them over the next few weeks.  This year fishing opener for Walleye is one week later so that gives us some extra time.  keep in mind the fishing will be great in the coming weeks for Crappie and panfish! 


    Check out our Specials page for newly updated deals and openings highlighted throughout the Spring and Summer!  Hope to see you all soon! 


    Also don't forget to become our fan on our Facebook page!  I would love to get to 200 fans by the beginning of the season.

  • Ice out on Miltona

    The ice left Lake Miltona yesterday evening. We returned from Alexandria just in time to see a beautiful sunset over Lake Miltona and for the first time in about 4 1/2 months we saw the open water all the way across the lake.  There is still some ice piled on shore, but the forecast calls for lots of sun and wind today and rain over the weekend. There will be no sign of old man winter by Monday.

    We enjoy the change of seasons on Miltona so much!  We look forward to the ice forming on the lake in the fall just as much as we do watching it leave in the spring. 

    So after a pretty cold and average amount of snow this last winter, the ice left Lake Miltona on April 22, in the early evening - which is pretty normal. Last year we scrambled to get the docks and lifts in before the walleye opener and the ice was as cold as I had experienced, even with the heavy duck hunting waders. We will plan on the docks and lifts going in by the 1st or second of May. Crappie fishing anybody?  It should be fantastic along the north shore in the bays!

    It should be a good opener for walleye, as well. We were a little worried because the opener comes early this year, but the lake should be ready to give up a few by the 9th.

    Oh, the creeks are running full of suckers and northern, right now.  I stopped to take a look yesterday.  Walleye will be next to start running in the next few days or so.



  • Mud Season

    Growing up in Des Moines, Iowa and Boston, Mass, we never understood "Mud Season". However, we have come to accept it living on the shores of Lake Miltona.

    Mud season occurs in places where the frost runs deep in winter, is covered by snow, and then thaws in spring. The snow melts but the frozen ground prevents water from soaking into the soil and so the top layers of soil become saturated with water and turn to mud. I have actually had my shoe come off in the mud, it sank so deep!  Forget about driving on it - what a mess!

    Well, I am happy to report, the mud is now gone - until next year. now, the grass is starting to show signs of life and the ice is starting to pull away from shore. Before we know it, we will be putting in the docks, taking boats out of storage, getting the swings out for the kids and completing those fun tasks to get ready for the summer to arrive!

    I will stop by the creek today to see if the fish are running. It just one more sign that winter has lost again!



  • Vacation Home #4 Updates

    The renovations have started in Vacation Home #4.

    Vacation Home #4 is Woodland Resort's largest unit, with a great view of Lake Miltona! We like to think there is no better sunset view in the Alexandria Lakes Area, and even in the State of Minnesota, than from the deck of a cabin at Woodland!

    New Porcelin Tile was installed last week in the bathrooms, kitchen and dining area.  It looks great!  The new dining set arrives on Wednesday, countertops and vanities will be another 10 days or so, before they are installed. Then, carpet and lighting will go in toward the end of the month.  We are excited to get this unit updated, as so many of our "regulars" call this one "thier" lake home.

    We also have plans to do some updating in Vacation Home #6 later this month - we will keep you all informed!

    Hopefully the snow will disappear this week!  Its hard to believe that its spring!

    Thanks for taking the time to stay up to date on the happenings at Woodland! 

  • 2009 T-shirts and Sweatshirts have arrived!

    The 2009 Woodland Resort and Lake Miltona t-shirts and sweatshirts are finally starting to arrive!  We place our orders in the winter for a ship date of April 1st.  So, the first 5 boxes arrived today!  By Monday or Tuesday of next week, we should have most of our apparel in the new office/shop!  We have expanded our variety this year, more than doubling that which we have had in the past, since we have lots more room now!  It is one more sign that the spring season is just around the corner.


    We are looking forward to having our old and new friends come up to the Alexandria Lakes area, to vacation at Woodland Resort on beautiful Lake Miltona this year!  Can't wait!



  • Musky Show is this weekend!

    This weekend is the annual Minnesota Musky Show, taking place in St. Paul, MN - at Concordia University.  Steve and Matt were looking forward to spending part of the weekend with Brad and Carrie Hoppe, of Musky Mayhem. As many of you know, Brad is one of the finest Musky Guides in the State of Minnesota, and since Lake Miltona is one of the top Musky Lakes in the State, Brad tends to spend a lot of time on Miltona, with a great deal of success! Woodland Resort serves as the base for lots of Musky groups through the summer and fall. Not surprisingly, Brad takes many of them out on Miltona, while the are here in the Alexandria Lakes Area.

    If you are at the show, make sure you stop by and say "hi" to Brad - take a few minutes to talk with him, or watch them make a lure for you!

    Musky season starts June 6 this year!  There is always a little excitement at Woodland Resort, when that first big Miltona Musky is caught by one of our guests!

    I will miss being at the show and seeing all of those Musky addicts!