Alexandria Resort on Lake Miltona - Woodland Resort Vacations MN

  • Another Miltona Muskie

    Nice Muskie caught and released on Miltona!  Great job Derek!


    Dereks Muskie August 2010

  • Enjoying Life at the Lake


    Well we started off a little cool this past weekend and will be warming up the next few days

    into the 80's again!  It was nice to shut off the air conditioning and open up the windows and

    get tha lake breeze.  Here are a few pictures from around the resort.  Some fishing pictures

    will be posted shortly as well!


    Sunset August 2010


    Lucy lounging


    Mike and Matt at the Lake

  • 44" 20lb Musky Boated Last Night!

    ‎44" 20 lb Musky caught and released by Josh Buck last night!

    Great picture and a contagious smile.

    His last cast at sunset with his lucky rod and real.

    A black and red Bucktail brought this in.

    Joshs 44 inch 20 lb Musky

  • Thanks To My Parents!

    My parents visited this July for 10 days and helped us out

    tremendously with anything they could.  My Dad also came

    out in May and helped us clean out the pole barn which is a

    thankless job!  In July he trimmed trees, drove kids to activities

    and installed a new blind in #8 (just to name a few)!

    My Mom magically jumps in to handle all of our

    laundry dilemmas which there are many, plays cards with

    the kids for endless hours and never hesitates to dance

    to some of her "oldies" when listening to her Ipod! 

    Thanks Mom & Dad!  Love you both a whole bunch!



    Tom and Marlee

  • Little Ones at Woodland

    We blog often about fishing at Woodland and that is certainly important to us. 

    This week was no exception when it comes to great fishing

    and I will be posting pictures soon.  We don't want to forget

    how important the children are to us.  It is such a joy

    to watch our guests grow year after year!

    We are blessed to host these little ones

    and create memories that will last for years to come!

    Special shout out to Colton who's birthday is tomorrow,

    he turns 3!!


    Colton at the lake


    Kids on playground 2

  • Mother and Son Memories!


    Judy and son Aaron snuck out Friday afternoon and

    picked up a few.  Fantastic

    day to make some great memories!

    Judys big catch

  • Tom's Successful Fishing Expedition

    Tom had a great night on the lake

    and contributed to the fish fry!


    Great Fishing Tom Poirier

  • Kids Fishing Contest

    One of the highlights for the kids each week is the "Kids Fishing Contest" It takes place on Wednesday mornings, and it really gets the kids excited to get out and go fishing.  We had a great turn out this week! The Sunfish are really turning on with the hot weather!  This week we had 12 kids enter fish!  The competition was sooo close that we had to give out two trophies for First Place, with only 1/2 inch seperating the two big Bass! 

    Congratulations to all of the kids that entered a fish!  A special congratulations to Carson Ekstedt and Stephen Duhn for bringing in a couple of nice bass!

  • Daniel's 47" Musky - What a beauty!



    Daniel Work went out for the day with his dad and local guide Brad Hoppe on Monday! 

    It was an "awesome" day with numerous follows and this 47"fish, what a beauty! Great job Daniel!


    Daniels 47 inch Musky

  • Hey all you Musky Fans!

    Hey all you Musky fans, be sure to watch Minneapolis - St. Paul ABC affiliate, KSTP tonight at 10:30, when our friends and local Musky-everythings, Brad and Carrie Hoppe will be featured in a story by Jason Davis of "On the Road". 

    Jason Davis came up a few weeks ago to do a story about the success of Brad and Carrie's Musky Tackle and Guide Business.  If you are a Musky fisherman, you already know who I am talking about!  But for the rest, Brad and Carrie created a very successful musky bait business called Musky Mayhem. They created the infamous "Cow Girls" among other very successful baits.

    Make sure to watch tonight, if you are in the Twin Cities viewing area! 

  • DNR Biologist visits Woodland Resort

    DNR Fisheries Biologist Al Schmidt visited the resort today to visit with our guests about the different types of fish found in Lake Miltona.  It was a great experience for Steve, who assisted Al on the DNR's Electrofishing Boat, where they caught a variety of fish for the guests to see.  The Electrofishing boat has a generator on board that creates an electric current around the boat, temporarily stunning the fish, allowing them to be netted, so that testing or studying can be done to the fish, or in this case, so that the DNR Biologist can allow our guests to see the different types of fish that swim in the lake.

    During the morning of fishing, Steve was able to net a 29 1/2 inch walleye, which was the high light of the seminar.  They were able to net crappie, bass, sunfish, perch, and even a bowfin.  The kids enjoyed touching the fish and learning a thing or two about them!  Did you know that a 29-30 inch walleye could be 12 or 13 years old?  A large Musky can easily be 20-25 years old! WOW!  It makes a fisherman realize what a privilege it is to catch a fish this big!  It also makes us realize the importance of letting these big fish go!