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  • Grape Stomp and Fishing Weekend!

    This past weekend was the famous Carlos Creek Winery Grape Stomp Festival just minutes away from the resort.  We had many repeat guests who head over to the winery to enjoy live music, 100's of vendors, I Love Lucy look alike contest, and of course "grape stomping" competitions.  The event begins Friday and runs through Sunday evening.  If you have never been please consider coming up in 2012!


    While the ladies went to the winery, the men fished!  Jerry boated this Musky within minutes of getting on the lake.  Of course he released it back into Miltona after getting this picture!


    Jerrys Muskie September 16 2011

  • Tubing and Waterskiing in September

    I had to share this picture - we were tubing with the kids all weekend!  What fantastic weather, hope it sticks around through October Cool


    Sunset and tubing sept 9 2011


  • Finally . . .

    Sorry it has been so long since our last blog - our main computer got a virus and since we have had it serviced it is very particular which websites I can go on.  One of the sites I can not easily access is the portal to update the blog.  Working on it so thank you for your patience!


    It has been beautiful here the last few weeks!  The fall season has begun and the Walleye bite has really picked up.  There has also been many fish caught off the docks by our guests (and our own kids).


    We still have one opening for the Grape Stomp weekend!  Also keep us in mind for a special couples getaway in which we have special rates on our homes with woodburning fireplaces and jacuzzi tubs during the Fall, Winter and Spring!


    Below is a panoramic view of the sunset taken by our guests last week! 

    We hope to see you soon!



    Panoramic Sunset on Lake Miltona September 2011

  • Great Fall Walleye

    A great example of the Fall walleye bite on Miltona caught last week!


    Luke bday 2010 027

  • Stompin' Grapes and Throwin' Baits

    Well, the picture is here!  Rick Rosar caught a dandy 51" er over the weekend of the Annual Grape Stomp.  What a great weekend!  Who would think you could make a great weekend out of a visit to the annual Food and Wine Festival at Carlos Creek winery, by combining it with a little hardcore Musky chasing? Our guests boated a 38", 45" and 51" this weekend, all while making it a couples weekend!  "Stompin Grapes and Throwin Baits" might need to be our theme this weekend every year!

    Here is the email from Rocker:

    Hi Steve and Michelle,

    Here is the Muskie I caught last Saturday. I caught one other 45 inch fish as well. I caught the fish on a Musky Mayhem Cow Girl with a black skirt and orange blades. It was very foggy as you can tell. Just before we caught the fish, another boat approached my Ranger out of the fog. He asked us if we knew what direction he should go to find land. He was lost and wanted to get to the shoreline and follow it around to the landing. I asked if he had a compass and he said he did not, so we pointed him in the right direction and he disappeared into the fog. Just before I caught the fish we were going to try a different spot, but turned around to finish the drift. As soon as we got to the point, the big fish hit. It was a great battle. As soon as she struck, her head came out of the water and shook violently. At that point we could see how big she was just by the size of her head. Shortly there after my son Axel gently scooped her into the net. My fishing buddy “Iceman” kindly snapped a few photos, and we slipped her back into the lake to be caught again. After a few high fives and few more casts, we were off to the next spot.


    We had a great time up there and even did a little Kayaking. We really enjoyed the clean, newly remodel cabin, and the large boat lift that could easily handle my Evinrude powered Ranger 620.


     Thanks for a great time,

    Axel, Lisa and Rick “Rocker” Rosar

    Mary and Jeff  “Iceman” Chastek

    Rosar Miltona september 2009 003


  • Kids fishing contests are the best!

    I have been thinking about all of the big fish caught so far this season, including several walleye at that 30" mark, and a few Musky over the magical 50".  For me it is a huge thrill to catch  a big fish, and it is for most people.  What I have realized this summer, is that the 9 inch sunfish or the 13 inch bass are awsome fish, too! Maybe even a better, when they are caught by a 6 or 8 year old, in the heat of the weekly fishing contest at Woodland!  There is nothing better than seeing the faces of those kids, when they realize they won the trophy for the biggest fish of the week!

    We have a picture of Luke, when he was three, holding up a sunfish on our fish wall.  The picture just above his is one of Chris Drury holding his absolute pig 54 1/2 " Musky caught two years ago... its hard to tell who is more proud! What a blast - no matter what you catch, make sure you enjoy it!

  • Fall Fishing

    Fall Fishing is just around the corner and we have been getting a little taste of what to expect in the past few days!  As some of you may have heard, I had my first experience catching a Musky, while actually targeting them, about a week ago.  My thanks to Ben Hittle of H&H Guides for "showing me the way".  Not only is Ben a great fisherman and sportsman, but he is also a genuinely nice guy and fun to fish with!  Michelle posted a photo of my 38 1/2 " Musky on the photo page of the web site, next to a 45" fish that Ben caught (which makes my fish look small Embarassed) For all of you Facebookers and Twitterers, our web site is . Click on the photos button at the top right.

  • Fall Project Time is coming!

    We are still busy for about another month yet, its hard to believe that we are thinking Fall Projects, especially since we are in the middle of one of the nicest stretches of weather all year! None the less, we will have that window of about a month, between when we quiet down and when the ground freezes, to work on a few projects that are too messy or noisy to do when we have vacationers enjoying the resort and Lake Miltona. 

    So far, the list includes about 100 yards of new fence, a new roof on Cabin #3, a new retaining wall near the lake (by the docks), as well as a bathroom remodel or two.  I am sure the list will grow, as it usually does!  However, it is enjoyable to plan and execute these projects each year, anticipating how they will be recieved by all of the folks that stay with us each year!

  • New Video of Woodland Resort

    Woodland Resort on Lake Miltona - Miltona, Minnesota Check out the new video which includes various pictures of activities at the resort and pictures of our vacation homes and cabins!  This is my first attempt at creating a video.  Let us know what you think!


  • Woodland Resort New YouTube Video

    Okay, here is Michelle's attempt at creating a video for the resort.  This video provides snapshots of our cabins and vacation homes and various resort activities.  Of course many fish pics!  Let us know what you think!


  • Muskie caught and released with Ben of H&H Guide Service

    Check out this video, this is my first attempt at posting video so I hope it works!

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