Alexandria Resort on Lake Miltona - Woodland Resort Vacations MN

  • New Rental Boat Coming in 2011

    Details of our new rental boat which is still in production coming soon - a few notes on it: side counsel, bow mounted trolling motor, two lorance fish locators, multiple live wells, stereo, and high powered motor.
    If this is of interest to you for your current reservation let us know!
  • Welcome Spring!

    Well, I think I heard a few days ago that Spring is officially here. Although it wasn't a particularly hard winter, we have had enough and are ready to welcome the warmer weather.  The melt has been going on for the better part of two weeks and we are down to just those piles of snow from plowing the driveway and a few old drifts that have been protected by the shade from trees and cabins.  The lake is showing signs of weakening ice as well, with cracks appearing, open water around shore and a definite darkening of the ice.  I dare say we may have an early ice out. (Or we might have more snow and cold weather and a late ice out!) My guess today is April 10.  I will change that guess at least 4 more times but we are optomistic right now!

    Regardless of when the ice out occurs, I have promised the kids that we will chase down some of those monster sized Crappie this spring.  Thats always a blast. 

    We have lots of spring projects planned and the list keeps on growing.  May 15th is less than two months away and we will have the walleye fishermen and women here before we know it - we can't wait!

  • Spring Projects

    Even though its 6 degrees this morning and we still have plenty of snow around, we are starting to work on some of our spring projects!  Its hard to believe after several days of warm weather and rain, we still have lots of snow sticking around.

    Vacation Home #4 is finally getting the face lift we talked about last summer with everyone. Thanks for all of the suggestions!

    The new flooring will go in next week, countertops are ordered, we are looking for a new dining table and new lighting.

    More spring projects to come! 

  • Winter's End

    Just last Tuseday and Wednesday, Miltona, and much of North and Western Minnesota was under a Blizzard Warning, with plenty of snow and temperatures well below freezing (not to mention the wind chills!) And now less than a week later, we are watching the snow disappear, before our eyes! Temperature have been into the 50's the last two days, and with the forecast, by next week at this time, we may not have any snow left!

    Steve and Matt spend the weekend working at the Northwest Sportshow in Minneapolis. They said the show was super! They met lots of great folks!  Thanks to all of you that stopped to say 'hi', our long time guests and friends, as well as some soon to be guests, we will look forward to getting to know this summer!

    Needless to say, spring can't come soon enough!