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pic-fishingLake Miltona provides endless activities for visitors to enjoy. The crystal clear waters and sandy beaches invite many entertaining ideas for those seeking some fun in the sun. The most popular Lake Miltona activity is fishing.

Lake Miltona is a diverse and healthy fish habitat. It holds extensive flats, submerged islands and bars and has depths of over 100 feet. The water quality and clarity are considered excellent.

The months of December, January and February grant superb ice fishing for those who like Walleye, Northern Pike, Crappie and Panfish. Also, without the ice, usually April and early May offer astounding opportunities for a trophy Crappie. By the first Saturday in May, true Minnesotans are on the lake in search of our great state fish, the Walleye. While the water warms the bays in late May, the Bass and Panfish become extremely cooperative. To catch one hundred plus fish during a day is not uncommon!

The "fish of 1000 casts" is the dubbed name for the elusive Muskie. Around the middle of June, this vigorous fish becomes active. There are fish that are well over 50" and 45 to 50 pounds that are caught and released on Lake Miltona. The Muskie is truly one of the trophies of Miltona.

As summer warms the waters of Miltona, the Walleye, Bass and Panfish become a common sight on the docks at the area resorts. Families spend afternoons filling the basket with Sunfish, while the diehard sportsmen spend their days (and nights) tangling with Walleye, Muskie, Bass and Pike.

Fall fishing on Lake Miltona can be a magical experience. The Walleye and Muskie become even more aggressive during this time. The colder temperatures are a signal to these big predators that it is time to "strap on the feed bag". At this time of year, many of the visitors experience a once in a lifetime fish. Walleye over 30" and Muskie over 55" are caught and even released each fall by our visitors.

By the middle to late November, nature begins to take the lake back as the ice forms. Although there is a peace about the lake, there is also a great anticipation as there's lots of talk about; the ice, new jigs, and favorite spearing locations finally giving way to a new season of ice fishing! During the middle to late December, ice-fishing shelters take up residence on the ice and then the holes are drilled in search of our favorite fish. The best Walleye fishing is from late December to late January. Several of our vacation homes are open year round, offering cozy accommodations with great views, crackling fires and access to some outstanding ice fishing!

Lake Miltona is an awesome Minnesota gem! Woodland is the perfect spot to take advantage of all that Miltona has to offer.


For more information about Lake Miltona, visit the Minnesota DNR's website.

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