Parker’s Prairie Outdoor Pool

Phone: (218) 338-6255
Address: 307 N Otter Ave, Parkers Prairie, MN 56361, USA

The Parkers Prairie Aquatic Center features a zero-entry area, perfect for toddlers and non-swimmers. The zero-entry side progresses to a 2.5-foot depth, with a basketball hoop and “sprinkler” features. The middle channel connects the zero-entry side with the deeper side of the pool. This channel can accommodate a wheel chair or a walker, and is a nice feature for those who enjoy a “gradual” entry into the pool. The deeper side of the pool begins at a 3.5-foot depth at one side, and progresses to a 10-foot depth at the deep end. There is a diving board at the 10-foot depth.


Sunday: 1:00-8:00
Monday: 1:00-8:00
Tuesday: 1:00-8:00
Wednesday: 1:00-8:00
Thursday : 1:00-8:00
Friday: 1:00-8:00
Saturday: 1:00-8:00

Pool is closed if the temperature is below 65 degrees. Required waiver must be signed and can be found on the pool’s website

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